Saturday, 3 October 2015

Summer flew by in a blink of an eye....

Everything on the farm went a lot smoother now that we have a new hire operating the tractors...
Only if his feet were longer that tractor may have moved somewhere.

Like mother, like daughter...Haruko and Sakura spending quality time together chewing cud.

Ha! Caught on camera messing the new bale of hay!
Dill is the super friendly sheep on the farm. He'll even help out by becoming our workbench!

Rosemary's kids examining the new bale of hay...
We definitely need to put some wire around it or they'll mess it up really fast.

Sheepdog and sheep face off!

While the sheep got their shed remodeled
the pig did some remodeling of their own...
Re-floored the whole pig pen with muck and ripped up the flooring in their shed.

Soon our market will be moving indoors to Grow and Gather.
Be sure to come and check us out indoors on October 17 from 10-3.
Do take note of new place and new time for indoor market.

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