Monday, 14 April 2014

New Things on the Farm

Now that spring is officially here, the farm is in full swing once again. Even the egg production has doubled since end of February! Above is a picture of our blue egg laying hens lounging in the sun. They really know how to relax after a day's work. 

Here's the new addition to the farm to start the year off. The arrival of the sheep and their lambs! 
Where mommy goes the baby follows. 

This marks a milestone for our farm...the first lamb to be born right here in our barn! The mommy was a little unsure as to what the heck that baaing little thing was at first but the lamb's persistence paid off. 

It took about five minutes or so and the little lamb was on his feet and snuggling with mommy. The ewe next to them was really jealous. She kept poking her head through the gaps to get a glimpse of the new lamb. 

Meet Magic Panda the ram. He settled into his new house very fast.
He is a really nice ram warming up to us really quick. 

While the animals were busy....the veggies weren't slacking off either.
There are trays and trays of these waiting to be transplanted! 
Hopefully, we will have some nice salad mix ready for the first market.

Mozart on the lookout of any "misbehaving" chickens/ducks/sheep and kids!

First market event of this year is coming up pretty soon. 
We will be there for the Earth Day celebration on April 26 from 10am-2pm. Hope to see you there!