Friday, 20 September 2013

Fall is Here but Everything is Still Lush Green

Many people that came by our stall at the Haney Farmer's Market asked about the blue egg chickens. 
They are the Araucana/Americana with quite interesting feather patterns. 
Here's a picture of the rooster. He is very feisty. Even when you think you have him under control, he would sneak a peck or two every now and then just to test out who is still the boss on the field.  
Too bad for him though, a lot of the hens on the field are Cuckoo Marans and Javas which are a LOT bigger than him and could easily throw him off their back or put him to a chase. So at the end of the day he would hop on the highest roost in the coop and sulk. 
Above is the Araucana hen. See the tuff of feather on their cheeks? These two hens are specially kept in a cage because they were severely attacked by other Rhode Island Reds in the coop. Due to their all white feather, they were easy target for the RIR when they first moved into the coop.  

Ever seen real chicken dance? 
These two are practicing their synchronized chicken double bar routine!
Look to right...
Hop on other bar and walk together....need more practice on the feet rhythm.
Back on the same bar for the grand finish!
These two hens are both Araucana but one of them has the look of a hawk and the other looks more like the other white Araucana in the picture above. 
Araucana are quite capable of flying. They usually occupy the highest "roost-able" spots in the coop top door frame ledge, roof name it....they will make their way up there somehow.