Thursday, 6 September 2012

Now We Are Rounding the Bend....

Summer has been a very busy season for us. So busy that the blog has fell behind somewhat.
Here's a look at what happened in the past 3 busy months....
These are Bantam Cochins. Very cute birds with feathery feet!  
Here's a look at the cute fluffy feet! 
Other new chicks on the farm....
Buckeyes....when they were this small they got picked on by the mice.
Now they are huge birds, the mice get picked on by them. 
These are Moto Java....not for breakfast use Java. Their favourite game of the day?
Fly out of the coops and make the dogs go for a wild chicken chase!
It often takes both dogs to work together to round them up again. 
Here are the Silkies. They are white and fluffy on the outside but black to the bones on the inside! 
Baby chick brooder getting the final check up before the temperature drops for the night. After 2 weeks it was a completely different scenery in here. All the chickens grew up to the size of a cantaloupe got too crowded the brooder had to go.... 
Ta Da! Nice perfect egg.
Hey! Where did my egg go? 
(Don't worry Miss Hen, your perfect egg went to the market and is well "used"!)
7 pm on the dot the pest patrol heads home to check if their coop has been cleaned or not and search for someone to tuck them in for the night.