Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Mozart is finally home!

Mozart didn't really like the initial car ride. Howled and whined his way to the ferry terminal. Once we got on the ferry he settled down enough to even get out of his crate to explore the trunk of the car. About half an hour through the ferry ride, he decided sleep is much more important anything else. Doozy dog....
Day 1 at home...here's a new use for baby bed....doggie playpen. Mozart really like the hard wooden bottom of the "playpen". Whenever he naps, he would push the towels to one side of the pen before lying down to sleep. He was a little timid on the first day home but curious enough to give most of the active rooms in the house a thorough inspection before going to bed in the night. 
 Hardwood floor seems to be his "thing". He loves to sprawl on the floor and nap. Favourite spot so far?
 Under the chair when someone is sitting on top using computer. He even marked the spot he loves best with a good lick!
 Who needs doggie pad? Who needs towels? Who needs dog bed? All Mozart needed was nice smooth wooden floor...tile didn't work, no carpet either only wooden floor works best as sheltie bed!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Ducky Guardian Angel...in training

Got the Ducks...but who will look after the ducks when we are busy in the field? Who will gather up the ducks when it's time for them to return to their coop in the night? After chasing the duckies around the yard for about a week or so, we knew for sure we needed reinforcement. These duckies can be a bit rowdy to gather up and return to coop. If they were not left out long enough...they dodge at every attempt in moving them close to their coop ramp. So, the reinforcement...coming in late December will be....
Mozart! A sweet male sheltie that will become a member of our family in 2 weeks time. He is very calm when handled but a bit bossy towards his litter mates. Since the leading drake is quite dominating, maybe that will be a good trait when he "face-off" with the ducks.