Monday, 3 October 2011

Now we are rounding the bend...

Just to think...we only got started 3 months ago. The growing season has been cut incredibly short this year.
One good thing for the rain...the lettuce grew really well. However, the strangest thing happened with the spinach...none of them grew big enough for harvest...they all bolted as soon as we have a clear day. 
Yucaipa Lettuce - very very crunchy and sweet...only problem - slugs loves them too.

Mizuna - grows really well in our area but need lots of encouragement to attract buyers.

Red Amaranth - the winner of the market table...very nutritious too!

Grow pepper grow! Hope they make it before the first frost. 

Green onions - grew too many different species lost track of which one is best producer. Nonetheless, they taste really nice...much better than the store bought ones!

Summer squash - very tasty but no one seem to be interested in them at the market....wonder why.

Maybe we will just grow for our personal consumption next year. 

Weird shaped cucumbers...and it's not just one of them it's all of them! If they were all lined up together, they can represent a row of green geese!

More summer squash...we've got all shapes and sizes and all of them are very tasty when sauteed. 

Ronde de Nice - one of the best tasting summer squashes

Still waiting for the first harvest on this squash....

Lemon cucumber - really tasty, non-bitter...only downside is the skin can be rather tough to chew.

One of the bigger species of squashes we've got this year. Really nice and tender. 

Grow kohlrabi grow! 

These Russian Kale tastes awful when they are eaten raw but they are really tender when they are sauteed. They are a hot item on the market table too. 

Collards - these plants are so neat they make harvesting really easy. They are not too bad tasting when eaten raw but they become a bit tougher when cooked...tastes similar to Gai Lan. 

If the temperature stays the same for another 2-3 weeks these peppers should ripe well. 

Mud the raining season returns these aisles are really mucky and wet.

Then comes wood shavings to the rescue! Too bad there's a few really low spot that are simply impossible to fix at the moment. 

Here's the harvested products getting ready for the market next morning. A little foot bath should keep them looking fresh. Well, that's that for this year. Hopefully we will have a more bountiful harvest next year.