Monday, 18 August 2014

The HEAT WAVE!! Oh My!

Roasting sheep hoarding the water buckets.
Your fleece is not long enough for another shave yet!
Looks like you guys will need to bear with it or hope for rain!

Wake up everyone!
Wake up neighbours!
Wake up wildlife! 
(This bird has been going at it since 4AM!!!)

Animal instinct....befriending a different specie approach from the rear...
what's that little whip that keep slapping my face?!?

Let's be friends! I sniff your butt you sniff mine...
minus the feather duster please.
Magic Panda and Mozart are best of friends in the sheep/dog world!

Red treasures in the soil. These are the Pontiac Reds.
They have more starchy content than the Norland which make them very good for mashed potatoes.

They look even nicer after they have "bathed". 

Got a visitor resting right on the door frame of our house. This little tree frog is only the size of a loonie but it doesn't look as skinny as the one resting on our dahlia roots a couple of years ago. 

Cabbage patch! 



Peaches! What in the world? 
Damn bear has been feasting on the fruit trees AGAIN!
First it cleans off the cherry trees now taking bites here and there on the peach trees!

It's bath time! WHAT?!?! A kiddie pool!?!? This is insulting. 

A swim in the ditch. Ahhh....that's more like it! A proper swim hole for the ducks!
We ducks RULE on this farm anyways.....

Monday, 2 June 2014

Summer is Almost Upon Us....

Sally enjoying a carrot from our farm.
She thought we were going to take her carrot away so she headed back into the house.

A Silkie baby chick hatched by the mommy herself!
Because of their size these little guys are extremely hard to keep in the fenced area!

On rainy days the ducks rule the front yard! 
They love bathing in the pond and any puddles along the way.

This year's kale is now harvest-able size! Kale chips anyone?

Salad Mix is in! We've got these green ones, red ones, mizuna, and baby arugula!

My! Aren't you dressed a little TOO WARM for this season?!?

Magic Panda says, "fine, take it all off then." are quite skinny....all that bulk was just FLUFF.

Tree Peony is also in bloom. 
The only peony that comes close to this colour is Border Charm.

Earliest tree peony to come into bloom this year. 
This one is about 10" across.

Market is now in full swing. 
Come visit us every Saturday at the Peace Memorial Park in downtown Maple Ridge. 

Market opens every Saturday from 9am ~ 2pm.

Monday, 14 April 2014

New Things on the Farm

Now that spring is officially here, the farm is in full swing once again. Even the egg production has doubled since end of February! Above is a picture of our blue egg laying hens lounging in the sun. They really know how to relax after a day's work. 

Here's the new addition to the farm to start the year off. The arrival of the sheep and their lambs! 
Where mommy goes the baby follows. 

This marks a milestone for our farm...the first lamb to be born right here in our barn! The mommy was a little unsure as to what the heck that baaing little thing was at first but the lamb's persistence paid off. 

It took about five minutes or so and the little lamb was on his feet and snuggling with mommy. The ewe next to them was really jealous. She kept poking her head through the gaps to get a glimpse of the new lamb. 

Meet Magic Panda the ram. He settled into his new house very fast.
He is a really nice ram warming up to us really quick. 

While the animals were busy....the veggies weren't slacking off either.
There are trays and trays of these waiting to be transplanted! 
Hopefully, we will have some nice salad mix ready for the first market.

Mozart on the lookout of any "misbehaving" chickens/ducks/sheep and kids!

First market event of this year is coming up pretty soon. 
We will be there for the Earth Day celebration on April 26 from 10am-2pm. Hope to see you there!

Friday, 31 January 2014

New Year New Start...

The short month of freeze and snow...
hope that's enough to kill off all the bugs. 

Eat up! Need to eat fast otherwise Molly will hog all the hay! 

Molly: "I need my own individual stall."

Walking on tight fence...
Those two in the middle are suppose to be on the right...
the one on the right is suppose to be on the left...
Ahh what can you expect from chickens!

Cute fluffy chicks! In about a weeks time they will start to grow and molt...the ugly stage. At this stage it is very important to keep an eye on "chicken stacks". They love to pile on top of one another and the poor chick on the bottom usually end up as a chick-pancake.

Snow Snow Snow! 
Mozart's favourite weather out of the entire year. Whenever it snows, he would prefer to stay outside and freeze....
with that lovely fur coat I think I would too! 

Mozart surveying his property before he calls it a day.