Monday, 2 June 2014

Summer is Almost Upon Us....

Sally enjoying a carrot from our farm.
She thought we were going to take her carrot away so she headed back into the house.

A Silkie baby chick hatched by the mommy herself!
Because of their size these little guys are extremely hard to keep in the fenced area!

On rainy days the ducks rule the front yard! 
They love bathing in the pond and any puddles along the way.

This year's kale is now harvest-able size! Kale chips anyone?

Salad Mix is in! We've got these green ones, red ones, mizuna, and baby arugula!

My! Aren't you dressed a little TOO WARM for this season?!?

Magic Panda says, "fine, take it all off then." are quite skinny....all that bulk was just FLUFF.

Tree Peony is also in bloom. 
The only peony that comes close to this colour is Border Charm.

Earliest tree peony to come into bloom this year. 
This one is about 10" across.

Market is now in full swing. 
Come visit us every Saturday at the Peace Memorial Park in downtown Maple Ridge. 

Market opens every Saturday from 9am ~ 2pm.