Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Our Last Markets of Year 2013

November already?!? This year sure fly by fast. 
Here one more look at all the green stuff before the frost-BITES. 
Sorrel - one of the other strange things that graced our market table this year. It didn't receive much love and attention at the market but our goats sure loved them! 

This was taken before the big freeze. Ducks await their turn at the kiddie pools for a duck bath. There are 3 pools available but everyone seems to only like the one with the hose attached!

Slurping foot-bath water....surely hope the one in there didn't in track any mud....

Tasty water! 

Male duck - drake has orange beak
Female duck - hen has pink beak
So we were told....but we found out that yes the ones with pink beaks are definitely hens but that didn't guarantee that all orange beaks are drakes!

Here we are at our last market showing. We were indoors at Grow and Gather for the last 4 markets. Although it was still cold but at least we didn't have to battle the cold, wind and rain at the same time.  
Thank you all for your support and patronage throughout the year. 
We sure would love to hear from you - our wonderful customers from the market as to what you would like to see us grow for the next year's market. Please email us and let us know so that we can continue to grow the things you love - info@natureandliving.com