Monday, 18 August 2014

The HEAT WAVE!! Oh My!

Roasting sheep hoarding the water buckets.
Your fleece is not long enough for another shave yet!
Looks like you guys will need to bear with it or hope for rain!

Wake up everyone!
Wake up neighbours!
Wake up wildlife! 
(This bird has been going at it since 4AM!!!)

Animal instinct....befriending a different specie approach from the rear...
what's that little whip that keep slapping my face?!?

Let's be friends! I sniff your butt you sniff mine...
minus the feather duster please.
Magic Panda and Mozart are best of friends in the sheep/dog world!

Red treasures in the soil. These are the Pontiac Reds.
They have more starchy content than the Norland which make them very good for mashed potatoes.

They look even nicer after they have "bathed". 

Got a visitor resting right on the door frame of our house. This little tree frog is only the size of a loonie but it doesn't look as skinny as the one resting on our dahlia roots a couple of years ago. 

Cabbage patch! 



Peaches! What in the world? 
Damn bear has been feasting on the fruit trees AGAIN!
First it cleans off the cherry trees now taking bites here and there on the peach trees!

It's bath time! WHAT?!?! A kiddie pool!?!? This is insulting. 

A swim in the ditch. Ahhh....that's more like it! A proper swim hole for the ducks!
We ducks RULE on this farm anyways.....

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